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Background Pony #BF4E
Lost it in the Griffon-Pony war, when she was captured by an evil Griffon who probably had a Russian or German accent.

My real theory is that she either never had four legs (birth defect) or lost it in an accident during childhood.
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Background Pony #77DC
It was a very harsh winter, and the emergency food storage ran out. She was lucky to survive.
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Human hypotheses are demagoguery. Information trash. If someone has a really interesting version, then let him draw a picture or write a story. Why waste your tongue? It does not make sense.
Okay. Do you want my version? Versions. In plural.
Read it.
1) She didn’t set herself a tetanus shot, cut her leg and had to be amputated.
2) She went into the old house, fell under the floor with her foot, got stuck. Rats ate her leg. It was damn terribly and painful, but she managed to survive because she had all the habits. And the doctors at the hospital have seriously worked on it. Blood donors and all that.
3) She was born with a birth defect. Without a leg. This happens.
4) When she was an onboard mechanic of the airship, the griffon pirates attacked the airship. They raped and killed almost the entire team, but she was lucky — she lost only her pride, innocence and leg.
5) She was severely depressed due to a miscarriage. She got addicted to drugs. Further two options:
5.1) She is addicted to the drug that makes flesh die. There is one. A piece of her legs fell off. She was lucky that she was saved from this shit.
5.2) She was under a hallucinogen. It seemed to her that her leg was a demon who killed her unborn child. She killed her leg. Well, that is, cut it off. She was lucky that she was saved from this shit.
6) She worked in a spoon factory. They are extruded by a stamp. Big stamp. Accident.
7) She flew away to the far North, to proud Stalliongrad. (it is in the east, but this is not important. The climate does not work according to the principle "north = cold"). There was a snowstorm. She was well dressed, but it is minus thirty-four degrees. Not very cold, but in a blizzard, in fact, warmer than without him. So here. She got lost. The worst thing you can do in a blizzard is to get lost. In general, she froze her leg. Fortunately, it was the end of the storm, so she managed to find a civilization and rescued the pegasus. But the leg had to be cut off.

Want more?

@Hazel Ray
(…) like Scootaloo having short wings is said to be a birth defect.

Scoots' wings are the same size as any other filly her age. I'm a proponent of the idea that hers is a magical birth defect, invisible to the eye but resulting in no magical lift.

As for Kerfuffle, I like the thought that she lost it in her early youth and doesn't even remember having a fourth hoof.
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Sometimes it's more interesting to read other people's hypothesis than asking for the truth. Especially about something that wasn't even important during the special.
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