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is back!
safe (1431446)artist:edowaado (260)applejack (148093)fluttershy (184427)pinkie pie (189308)rainbow dash (204200)rarity (157876)twilight sparkle (260992)human (130971)comic:dan vs bronies (24)assassin's creed (440)brony (2514)clothes (356430)comic (89851)cosplay (25502)costume (21758)crossover (53045)cutie mark (34007)dan vs (538)five nights at freddy's (1344)freddy fazbear (214)mane six (26551)south park (592)spider-man (1676)


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Dan Vs fanart in the year 2019? This is definitely a good dream.

Also no wonder it took them years, that background is insanely detailed.
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