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This would be hard to explain, heh
sequence to:
suggestive129866 artist:corporalvortex81 fluttershy199901 starlight glimmer44628 sunburst5952 zephyr breeze2094 pegasus247861 pony859767 unicorn274443 bdsm5852 blindfold4041 blushing178127 caught3019 collar29269 colored17817 comic101529 confused4225 door3694 drool22635 facial hair5086 feathered ears51 female1228289 flat colors1859 flustered233 gay24969 glowing horn17051 grammar error1691 horn47848 implied sex5367 leash6907 magic66648 male331216 maledom4195 malesub3858 mare427596 messy mane7175 mouth hold15570 oh crap268 pet play3195 shipping184754 short comic41 simple background349716 simple coloring7 spread wings48510 submissive13889 surprised8212 sweat23471 sweatdrops406 tail20988 tail pull2031 telekinesis24869 unicorn magic35 wide eyes16121 wingboner7774 wings81710 wrong time3 zephyrburst6


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haha this is great!

Tiny grammar thing: When you use "did" the verb immediately stays present, so it should be "Why did you stop?" instead of "stopped".
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