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how Celestia truly won the throne
safe (1396968)artist:t72b (267)derpibooru exclusive (19416)princess celestia (82038)abstract background (8743)alicorn (156872)atg 2019 (706)aura (575)aweeg* (269)background pony (6927)behaving like a bird (487)birb (212)chest fluff (24650)cute (142368)cutelestia (2570)earth pony (139329)fluffy (11259)halo (1180)horse logic (3)intimidating (116)limited palette (1209)majestic as fuck (980)misspelling (1821)newbie artist training grounds (4443)ork (78)pegasus (178792)pink mane (538)pink-mane celestia (1905)pony (666097)puffy cheeks (3059)scrunchy face (6227)silly (6310)silly pony (2609)text (38980)unicorn (191686)warhammer (game) (1917)young celestia (99)younger (13523)

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