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It’s time for "Ponies Around the World" again! Here is my submission for 2019!

This year, I went to Vienna’s Central Cemetery, natural paradise and one of the biggest cemeteries in Europe! It has an expanse of 2,5 square kilometers (0,97 square miles) and houses about 330,000 graves. And to keep up the spooky and creepy nature of my series; Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle visited a particular tomb, one where the burnt bodies of 384 people, that died during a fire in a famous Vienna theater in the 19th Century, rest. A death so horrible, that the souls still can’t find peace and mourn their fate until today…..

The full description and story is up on Deviantart!
safe (1425489)photographer:cmc--scootaloo (1)apple bloom (43508)scootaloo (46449)sweetie belle (43758)earth pony (147376)pegasus (187057)unicorn (202100)architecture (140)austria (52)bench (1843)cemetery (110)cross (574)cutie mark crusaders (16217)female (756992)filly (50294)flower (18318)foal (12367)grass (6856)grave (523)gravestone (648)graveyard (281)haunted (54)monument (17)photo (66347)photography (477)plant (1165)plushie (19670)ponies around the world (287)ponies around the world 2019 (1)pony on earth (33)pony plush (28)statue (1814)tomb (50)tree (22497)vienna (2)vienna central cemetery (1)


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