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I’ve changed my stance on the future of the fandom and the show’s eventual end.

Why do you have to make such a big fuss as if the show ending is going to be like the death of something cherished? the "end of ponies" category on derpibooru is flooded with emotional pics/memes. It’s depressing ad draining to see so many longtime fans bawling over it emotionally and talking like it and memories of it and it’s community will be forgotten in an instant or within two years. It’s so draining to see fans like this. I’m even suffering from a writer’s and Artist’s block because of this attitude.

Jesus Christ, I’m not even trolling when I’m saying this. You don’t have to pull down others and yourself. Even though The Show ends but you don’t have to see it as necessarily the end. Life doesn’t end with "The End". it goes on. You can continue to admire G4 whenever you wish now. you can move on but you can also always revisit it from time-to-time.

learn how to be content with what you have and even when all these shows of the 2000’s and 2010’s have ended. you can always come back You can always download them onto portable hard drives to watch them again

You don’t even have to necessarily move on to other fandoms either as.In my opinion, doing so only shows how you consume the content and then just throw it away like everything else we take for granted and move on just because it’s over. When the fandom declines, it’s going to be one of those many examples of that consumerist mindset i absolutely hate given i am a person who admires past things or the past in general and fights to preserve it. I will still admire G4 ever after it has ended not only because it was just that good (and because of the lore and world it had created. all that level of detait hat Hasbro may never attempt again in G5 if it ever comes). i dont really want to say anything about the people who do leave but i feel it was just for the community and they leave only on the virtue that it has ended and nothing else.

I say this because I do not trust the quality of Cartoons and other media that will be made in the 2020’s. Especially with all that Political correctness junk, poor writing and forced diversity "woke" nonsense that’s destroying many IPs, Games, and Shows as we speak. G5, if it ever comes, will meet the same fate.

Even if this fandom completely dies or disbands, you don’t have to follow a collective. There’s nothing wrong in going solo as a fan of something that had ended. There are still fans of shows that have ended long ago (and moreso to video-game franchises that already ended). There are still fans of old pixar movies and dead nintendo IPs (looking at you StarFox) for crying out loud. even ones that are completely standalone. many of them probably no longer join communities because they want to be on their own and doing their own thing. If there’s think you’re weird or nostalgic, dont listen to them or cave into peer pressure to forget about it and move on. Express your individuality and just do whatever the flip you want. Nothing should stop you from still making fanart or fanfiction for it. don’t be the mindless consumer like the other "fans" who follow a collective community and leave and forgets when it’s done. learn to be a fan without a fandom.

Why videogame fandoms last longer? It’s because they know they can always come back and replay it. should be the same thing for shows such as MLP. Even though it’s over, you can always come back and replay it.

this meme just hits me right at home because i too am a latecomer:

If joining a fandom that’s nearing death or is already nearly inactive is like this, then don’t join the fandom and be an independent fan away from the flock. Be your own thing and dont follow the flock when it jumps off a cliff and dies..Be an individual, be a standalone. Show your individuality by showing that you can stand up on your own as an independent fan with the knowledge that even if you lose interest, you can always come back and revisit it.

Bottom line, As a fan, Even when a show ends and no more content is being produced, you don’t need to follow the majority and discard of it after it has concluded. You don’t have to see it as the end. It will always be there and some curious souls will stumble upon it even after it has ended. This is merely a product in the Eye’s of a Company like Hasbro. But it was a damn good one and shouldn’t be taken for granted and thrown away in the refuse. i mean, sure it’s healthy for one to shift interests after a certain amount of time, but keep it in mind that you can always revisit it. it’s not going to be erased from existence just because that Generation has ended or the toyline discontinued (I’m not interested in the damn toys at all).

I’m admittedly a casual but I just hate it when a fandom acts like this or just throws it away like trash ad forgets about it when its all over.

just stop with your tears, chill, and be happy that it happened and be content that you can always revisit it at any time.
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The histrionics of the fandom makes no sense, especially since the series ends by completely opening up Equestria for "What if?" Stories, and giving people over twenty years of space to fill in with whatever they want

It’s baffling, to say the least
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Background Pony #053C
Why dont we all keep g4 alive eh? I actually havent watvjed the show much bit if we get a boxset with all seasons and shorts and such, ill buy it. I actually wosh eqg wasnt going down too cuz it needs a proper ending. Speaking of endings, i always thpught season 4 had the best finale and if it had ended tjete i would have been happy.
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@Background Pony #A869
most people use the star trek example though its not quite teh same
star trek the original series was a comercial flop when it first aired, it was quite literaly ahead of its time in many ways…however it went on in syndication after it was aired originaly…and it was during those later runings that it caught stried, found an audience and eventualy, spawned a fandom…so a fandom can not only outlive its base show, it can be born from its ashes, stargate was teh same way, the original movie bombed horibly in theaters, but years later a rabid cult fanbase convinced a then little known tv network to invest in the creation of a tv show based on it….we know it now as stargate sg-1, one of the greatest science fiction series ever to air

the end is just the begining when it comnes to entertainment media, nothing is truely dead till we SAY its dead damnit.
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Background Pony #A869
I know what I’m about to say has already been said in so many ways, and said here alone but: This.

I’ve just spent all day getting worried about what’ll happen to anything G4-related once the show’s over, but reading this stuff’s just caused me to realize something —

Urusei Yatsura ended in 1987, the last official work we’ve seen of it was a short OVA from 2012, and it’s considered relatively obscure in North America compared to its home country of Japan. Despite all that, I’m still a fan of both it and Maison Ikkoku. And how did I get to being a fan? Because I have a computer and internet access, both of which allowed me access to all of both shows’ episodes, OVAs, and movies, as well as all of the wonderful fanart and stories that people have (and are still making to this day) of these shows and their characters — some of which I’ve even found here on Derpibooru.

Those anime may be technically ’dead’, but they left a legacy which will undoubtedly continue for the foreseeable future, possibly for generations more to come. My Little Pony as a whole, and Friendship is Magic in particular, will follow suit (heck, FiM might even start getting more fans after G5 comes out and new audiences get curious about what came before it).

Are there some thing I’m a little sad about? Of course. For one I didn’t even bother to really get into it until it was getting ready to end, and second I’m a little anxious over the uncertain fate of Equestria Girls (I hope Boulder Media gets to do something with it, but if we don’t see anything new in the next year or two then it’s safe to assume Equestria Girls is dead). But you know what? It’s never too early, even after the show’s over, because I can always go back any time I like.

The Mane Six will always be around for when we need a nice story or friendship lesson, guys! :D
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The New Pony
Im ah Beeeeaaast
Farewell G4, you’ve given us an amazing 10 year ride. Your time on Tv may be coming to an end but your presence will live on Forever in the Hearts and work of those you touched and inspired. Your lagacy shall never be forgotten, forever immortalized within us all and the media of course ;) Salute!

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