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Artist’s description:

"Same, Gabby, same… (My little pony) Gabriella is excited

A bit of a spoiler for an upcoming early release episode. As such, I’ll avoid talking about too many details of the episode here, but I will say Spike is my favorite character by far (expect much more of him to come) and if this is the final Spike-centered episode of the show, I wouldn’t mind that because oh boy. OH BOY. I don’t think I’ve ever geeked out over an episode so hard! I will struggle to leave it at that for now.

About the art itself- this was a really difficult piece for me and I’ll admit, I would say I’m more finished with it than the artwork is to being finished.Let’s pretend the remaining details are totally there to look all painterly and nice, not because I didn’t want to refine it any longer. Feathers and claws are hard.

Also, since griffons are half eagle half lion (though I appreciate the heck out of the character designers using a mix of various cats [leopards, cheetahs] and various other birds [owls, I’d say something like a bluebird in the case of Gabby?] to design the griffons) I decided to take the creative freedom and add a golden rim around Gabby’s eyes, like a real eagle. It wasn’t exactly as I envisioned it, but I liked how it turned out!

Anyway, if you like my work, I appreciate all comments and favs! Kawaii Face: Smile "
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