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Bwhahaha! Now I shall hide among the foliage from would-be evil boopers… which seems to be almost everypony in existence.

I wasn’t sure what kind of background to do, so the ATG prompt gave me an answer.
safe (1458111)artist:chopsticks (371)oc (539632)oc:chopsticks (128)oc only (370791)breezie (1941)atg 2019 (712)cheek fluff (3319)chest fluff (26921)dialogue (52313)flower (18962)food (53007)funny (3276)hoof fluff (688)laughing (6322)leg fluff (1871)newbie artist training grounds (4421)rice (105)solo (894086)tempting fate (137)text (42126)thimble (24)this will end in boops (15)tiny (842)


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Background Pony #5342
@Background Pony #5518
Chopsticks (the character) always wears a hat, but most hats wouldn’t really fit someone as small as a breezie, so I guess he figured a thimble would be a suitable substitute.

Where he even got the thimble in a world primarily populated by ungulates is another question entirely.
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Background Pony #5342
Plus the rice that Chop loves so much will be able to feed him for much longer.
However, unfortunately for him, Diane can probably think up at least a few new ways to play with her "cupcake" that weren’t possible with his full-sized body.
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