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new pony oc i made to go with a friend : ) hes a clickbaity story time youtuber
safe (1461157)artist:guidomista (68)artist:miiistaaa (68)artist:nijimillions (68)oc (541464)oc only (371632)oc:storytime (5)earth pony (158816)pony (726435)blaze (coat marking) (670)blue eyes (3101)hooves (14957)lavender (66)looking at you (125152)male (267899)multicolored hair (3583)multicolored mane (569)muzzle (359)open mouth (107757)palette (142)purple (787)realistic anatomy (434)realistic horse legs (822)ref (27)reference sheet (8900)shocked (4933)short hair (1414)short mane (642)simple background (299969)solo (896005)stallion (77028)standing (8520)striped hair (8)striped mane (83)surprised (7078)transparent background (156141)unshorn fetlocks (19386)walking (3559)youtuber (153)

not provided yet


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2 comments posted
guidomista's avatar

MEEsta not MISSta

alright i want you to look at the results for this tag
how many wild animals do you see?? sure there’s a couple of dogs but most of the results are literally normal ponies. in terms of animal art online, feral is usually just used to mean not-anthro, not on two legs. its not feral in the literal sense when its used in circles like these

if there were rules at the top specifying that the feral tag was only for uncivilized animals, id totally get you coming at me like this, but theres none, so youre basically just making up your own rules for what you think it should be
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