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Ants – ATG IX Day 25


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Background Pony #DA2E
Ocellus: I love to be a reform Changeling, Why You ask? well is sample, Befor we be all the time aungry, and we belive only love can feed us but be all wrong, normal food make feed us, the prove, King Thorax a survive this way but thanks of be not reform yet, even with normal food, the auger for love make everything hard, This why were we attack canterlot we losse for two reason, the mistake of Crysalis and we feed only on love, after all this, Many Changeling a do there best to get love energy, and is be hard and this live style is sad(she cry of it) but after be reform, her live style a become far better, we a no need to hunt for love, love energy is live air to us, but we need normal food, and but get love from your friends is even more better plus eat your lunch with friends is fun, Were i my lunch, is feel more better were i eat alone….befor i be all alone… i never have friends befor, After Princess Twilight a tell me how she start to learn friendship , i say no way, she be like me, I past most my time in Changeling book or hunt for love in the past befor the reform, I am so happy to have friends hihihihi, I learn more of what i could learn alone!
Yona: HEY Ocellus! Do You want to go to Sugar cube coner with me and silverstream?
Ocellus: I coming, ..I am very happy to my new live…I hope one day Crysalis will finaly opein her eyes!
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