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That’s the face of someone who just had their entire sense of reality thrown upside down, and is probably very confused about a few certain things
safe (1427685)artist:agrol (438)applejack (147647)fluttershy (183979)pinkie pie (188864)rainbow dash (203710)rarity (157474)starlight glimmer (37949)twilight sparkle (260146)alicorn (163190)alternate cutie mark (1208)alternate hairstyle (21256)alternate mane style (62)alternate tailstyle (20)alternate universe (5851)applejack (male) (957)change your reality (19)confused (3318)earth pony rainbow dash (56)gender confusion (4)mane six (26415)pinkamena diane pie (17219)race swap (10845)rule 63 (22664)shocked expression (257)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101882)


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