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Vinyl Scratch Live


Awoken in a dazed state and sprawled out across a hard linoleum floor, the DJ Pony couldn’t help but ponder what exactly happened- or even where she was for that matter. She tried to scream, but every breath light up more and more hollow apparitions gawking and snickering at her.

A loud voice identical to her own called out over a loud speaker. “Heeeeeey Everypony, this is Vinyl Scratch of Ponyville, Equestria here to give us all an exciting night of fun.”

To her horror, Vinyl looked behind herself only to see the pompous material of her blue ruffled bloomers encompass what she could only speculate was a diaper.

“I thought I’d share some interesting facts with you about the foal-queen herself. Ever since age 3, Vinyl-Scratch as made it a habit of sleeping a stuffed dinosaur plushie. In fact, a month ago when her fiancé demanded that either she put the stuffed animal away or sleep in her big-mare cot. She chose to sleep in the cot.”

“Mmmmph!” Vinyl whined loudly, unable to vocalize her complaints as a massive rubber bulb kept her tongue suppressed in her mouth. However, despite her best attempt, the audience that was watching erupted into a fit of laughter and jeers.

Waiting for the laughter to die down a bit, the voice came back on, “Contrary to her on stage persona, Vinyl is actually a real momma’s girl. On an average week, she goes through sixty diapers, fourteen bottles of formula, and about ten onesies. At that, for her first anniversary with Octavia, she asked for a fully furnished mare-sized foal chair.”

Once again, the audience erupted in a loud fit of jeers and wheezes, causing Vinyl to anxiously edge her way towards the rear of the stage. However as soon as she did, something hit her. Her stomach began to feel dense and painful, almost like she could feel whatever she ate pushing on her abdomen; she needed to go potty.

“Ah, now if we’re very quiet you can catch Vinyl doing what she says she does best- filling her diapers like a happy silly foal.” The announcer voice said, bringing the whole room to a pin-drop silence.

To Vinyl’s horror, almost on que with the silence, she felt her tummy give followed by the loud uncouth Bllllrpt sound erupting from her backside and sagging her already pompous diaper.

Almost on que, the audience broke into another frenzy of laughter, with hundreds and hundreds of non-descript voices snickering and clapping their hooves mercilessly.

Snapping out of her dream, Vinyl lets out a quite yelp.

“Ooh, I didn’t mean to scare you Vinyl dear.” Octavia said, retracting her hoof from her filly friend’s saggy diapered bottom, “You whole nursery has smelt like an outhouse all morning and I finally got done making your breakfast.”

Turning over, Vinyl stared at the earth pony with a unpleasant smirk on her face, “I uh- I did have another night time accident didn’t I?”

“Why yes you did, you silly filly.” Octavia answered in a jovial tone, “I don’t mind changing your soddened diapers while we’re in the house. But you might want to control doing that. I wouldn’t want you having an accident on stage after all.”

“Y-yeah.” Vinyl said, letting go of her stuffed dinosaur plushie, “I-I should probably try to avoid that.”


I’m super happy with the way this turned out. It’s been a while since I’ve experimented with some of the background characters, especially in pony form. But I think I really nailed making Vinyl’s color scheme pop in a way that looks nice.

Speaking of which, I’d also like to thank The-Padded-Room for giving me some pointers on effective background usage and shadowing and stuff. It’s something I’ve taken for granite recently, but it really does make a difference! ^^

If there’s some other pony you’d like to see me do next, feel free to leave a comment with a request down below!


Link to my Tumblr: oliver-england.tumblr.com

Link to my Fur-Affinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/oliver-england/

As always, have a good one! ~England ^^


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