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Scootaloo is Best Foal


”Heh, well look at that Scootaloo, we’ve got the whole place to ourselves” Rainbow Dash happily exclaimed as she walked the child through the empty park’s vacant play ground.

Scootaloo, who volunteered for diaper duty, was a little less thrilled. Not only was she not so excited to be out of the house in nothing but her foal’s diaper, but it was seriously super early. Clinging to her carer, the filly rested her forehead against the cyan pegasus for support. “Uhhh, why couldn’t we just hang out at your place if you wanted me to act like a big baby? Taking an extra-long nap would’ve been amazing. Foals take long naps, don’t they?”

“Please Scootaloo, I need to have some experience babysitting if I’m gonna look after my nephew for a week. Besides, how many fillies your age have an awesome mare like myself to push them in a swing?

Taking a deep breath, Scootaloo huffed a little as she was sat legs first into the admittedly comfortable foal swing. “I know, I’m lucky to have a big sister like you. I just wish you needed experience handling a kid who wasn’t in diapers.”

“Awh, I understand Scoots.” Rainbow Dash said, as she tossed the filly’s diaper bag on the ground. Reaching into the side pocket, she pulled out an impressive looking pacifier and began moving it towards her little one’s mouth, “Ooh, I know it’s hard pretending to be a foal, Scootaloo. But, I promise you that you’re doing a super good job and that I definitely appreciate the effort.” She continued to praise, as she pushed the accessory’s big rubber bulb into her little one’s mouth, “I’m actually really proud of you.”

Scootaloo’s face turned a slight shade of red and she found herself sinking into her swing seat a little. Smiling behind the guard of her pacifier, she passively clopped her hooves together. Maybe this situation wasn’t so bad.


For the record, the tree the swing is attached to isn't connected to the tree in the background. It's actually part of the foreground, but there was no way of showing it without ruining the drawing's composition. uwu


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