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Close up pic of display of my custom ponyart figures Traveling Pony Museum has up for me at Trotcon convention! They look rearranged since the last pic they shared, I think this means some sold so they got out more stock 😁✨
safe1590247 artist:lightningsilver-mana107 screencap204315 nurse redheart3277 octavia melody22646 pinkie pie204848 princess celestia90608 princess luna94494 spike75355 star tracker341 sunset shimmer58298 sweetie belle46918 twilight sparkle284966 oc613726 alicorn198366 dragon48993 earth pony204441 human144242 kirin6873 moogle36 nirik344 pegasus245213 pony857149 robot7035 unicorn271861 trotcon148 princess spike (episode)689 1980's27 anime4654 booette12 bowsette119 chibi moon12 chihiro2 comic102429 convention2728 convention art38 craft4107 crossover57704 custom5657 darkstalkers249 death note276 doll5815 epona503 felicia90 female934208 figure1141 figurine1343 filly60031 floatie33 gothic408 hair1345 haku26 hand made7 hatsune miku284 healer30 humanized94981 irl63399 it180 light yagami49 meta16185 morrigan9 my little pony1967 nintendo3292 paint1775 painting3283 pennywise129 photo71586 ponywise7 punk1949 punklestia250 sailor moon1377 sewing562 spirited away71 sweetie bot1275 the legend of zelda3478 toy20956 twitter3153 white mage97 woona4930 younger15696


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