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Sunset: aaaaah…
Sci-Twi: I feel so embarrassed. But it makes me horny…

Requested by Tacky
UPD: There's two alternate versions. If you want them, then contact me is my discord
suggestive141167 artist:lightning_musicwave48 sci-twi24010 sunset shimmer62382 twilight sparkle298351 equestria girls198359 blushing195167 camp everfree outfits1800 clothes454256 female1349630 females only12370 fetish39372 glasses61034 outdoors10369 pants14276 pants down933 pissing3810 pissing together151 squatting1450 urine6515 using the bathroom in the woods158 watersports3273


not provided yet


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With sci-twilight feeling that horny of thinking of a perfect spot to drop her shorts to relieve herself when sunset shimmer joins in also dropping her shorts when the few hope it doesn't lead to a lesbian act when the pair has their shorts nearby and or their shirts with their shorts while getting caught in a lesbian act.
Background Pony #2A87

The one I'm talking about is that Background girl with the really long blue skirt who I keep thinking looks like Princess Toadstool from the old Mario Cartoons every time I see her also she's one of the Drama group members
Background Pony #5D0C
Can you do a pic of that Curly orange haired girl (who looks like Princess Toadstool from the old Mario Cartoons) on the toilet?