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Derpibooru needs moar Daddy Discord.

Everything the light touches is yours to f*ck up by Astringe.

Astringe: Ill say it right now. Screwball is easily my favorite pony. Its too bad that they wasted such a cool character design on a pony who only appeared for about one second. Ive noticed her getting a lot of attention from fans, though, so heres hoping they bring her back.
safe1749871 artist:astringe95 discord31808 screwball1476 draconequus12798 earth pony265705 pony1009973 absurd resolution67015 based on song and pmv21 daddy discord88 female1401329 happy32174 hug29128 male387799 mare501894 simple background408952 smiling260720 vector77863 white background102453


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In reply to RandomFanguy:
"But what about that shadowy place?"
"That is…um…well, there's really no difference. You can f*ck that place up too."
"Yay! Thanks, daddy!"