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I heard that the ending of the show would be coming near so that's why I made this poster to give a heads up.

If you want to make your own version of this Poster, by ol' means.
safe1640622 artist:conthauberger74 apple bloom48029 applejack164654 big macintosh27436 bulk biceps3359 capper dapperpaws1501 captain celaeno1090 carrot cake2028 cranky doodle donkey968 cup cake3967 daring do6273 derpy hooves49082 discord29768 doctor whooves10533 fizzlepop berrytwist9098 flash magnus788 flash sentry12372 fluttershy205801 gallus6355 granny smith5202 grubber828 indigo zap2372 lemon zest3093 matilda491 meadowbrook782 mistmane723 ocellus4991 pharynx948 pinkie pie210052 princess cadance31539 princess celestia92350 princess ember6130 princess flurry heart6849 princess luna96583 rainbow dash226697 rarity176045 rockhoof1086 sandbar5188 sci-twi23008 scootaloo50147 shining armor22371 silverstream5811 smolder7393 somnambula1814 sour sweet3202 spike76692 spike the regular dog2432 star swirl the bearded1950 starlight glimmer46582 sugarcoat3195 sunburst6326 sunny flare2656 sunset shimmer60158 sweetie belle47806 tempest shadow16364 thorax4149 time turner10529 trixie65114 twilight sparkle291892 yona4838 zecora9065 abyssinian1156 alicorn211307 cat5898 changedling7851 changeling44197 dog9030 donkey1695 draconequus10210 dragon52243 earth pony224527 griffon25610 hedgehog440 hippogriff9027 parrot427 parrot pirates390 pegasus266484 pony906128 unicorn295975 zebra16712 anthro246015 equestria girls191393 my little pony: the movie18490 alicorn pentarchy101 anthro with ponies2472 apple family531 cutie mark crusaders18584 dean cadance1076 end of ponies777 everypony373 human ponidox3401 humane five3095 humane seven2312 humane six2952 king thorax2766 mane seven6255 mane six30867 musical instrument8865 pillars of equestria263 pirate2364 prince pharynx689 principal celestia3374 self ponidox7677 shadow five628 stock vector1041 student six1544 the end of equestria girls62 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119975 twolight1118 vice principal luna2392 violin481 wall of tags2809 whip1599


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Japanese Brony
It's Already (Almost) 10 Years since The First Episode was aired in America.
3 Years later since MLP started in America, The First Episode was aired in Japan. But I Didn't Watch Japanese Version of MLP:FIM.
I don't Know MLP:FIM in 2013.
(On 2013, The first episode of MLP:FIM was aired With Japanese Translation.)
a year later since MLP started in Japan, I found MLP:FIM and I Became Fluttershy's Fan.
(On 2014, I found Some MLP:FIM's Fanart. A few weeks later, I became Brony.)
4 Years later since I found MLP:FIM, D-life Started Broadcasting Japanese Version of MLP:FIM.
Now I can Watch Japanese Version of MLP:FIM. :)
(On 2018, D-life Started Broadcasting Japanese Version of MLP:FIM.)
Now, I LOVE MLP:FIM. It made So Many Talented FanGame, Animations, Artworks, Fanfics, And Artworks.
Thank You, Lauren Faust. You made an Amazing Cartoon.
And Thank you To Artists Who I Love. (Howxu, Pia-sama, Burstfire, Kaikoinu, Shepherd0821, Dm29, Magnaluna, Evehly,
Lumineko, Uotapo, Jonfawkes, And more Artist I Love.)

Thank you From Kyoto Prefecture, Japan -Metapika025 2019, August 6
Background Pony #0560
@Background Pony #A117
we both don't know that, that depends on time. It's like dark universe that has not achieved and I know there will be a possibility. I have an interest in equestria girls, if it continues there is no problem but if its end has come, it is over.
Background Pony #D424
@Background Pony #1D00
They said dhx is done with equestria girls but they also said that there’s a possibility that equestria girls will continue through boulder media. So clearly, equestria girls is not coming to an end

and should you be sad about it? no? even though the shows have ended, you dont have to necessarily see it as the end of your time as a fan. you can still be a fan of G4 even after it has ended.

And besides, like any show with expansive lore and settings, The Show itself is merely telling the story of a chapter in Equestrian’s History. FiM is just telling the story of just another chapter in Equestria’s own History. As the Pillars of Equestria and the Founders of Equestria were the Mane 6’s precursors and the Student six will take the place of the mane 6. Constants and variables. The Series finale should be seen merely as the ending of another era in Equestria’s history. As life goes on. Even in the EqG universe, life would still go in even if the shorts end abruptly or even after it has its own finale (if there is one)
Background Pony #9411
I don’t believe equestria girls will be ending anytime soon. The series will will continue and it maybe sad that mlp fim is ending

the show may be over but now we have a complete series that we can come back to and revisit at any time and can share to others. no need to say goodbye if the completed series will still be there for you to access.