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Companion piece to

Happy little Shim-Shim in pixel form!


safe (1429384)artist:ambassad0r (321)artist:yet_one_more_idiot (7)sunset shimmer (50673)equestria girls (159716)rainbow rocks (16831)absurd lowres (1)cute (148582)happy (23860)lowres (942)open mouth (104246)picture for breezies (2336)picture for breezies' breezies (55)pixel art (8111)pixelated (192)pixels (22)shimmerbetes (3414)shimmersmile (28)simple background (290853)smiling (183217)solo (876086)tiny (801)transparent background (151877)vector (66595)when she smiles (856)

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Derpi indeed rounds the size to zero if the image is less than one kilobyte. I once made a feature suggestion of displaying the size in bytes if it’s "too small", but it never happened :-(
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Yet One More Idiot

World's biggest idiot xD
My computer reads it as 388 bytes, but I won’t quibble.

Not as small as my previous work
, which was 295 bytes. xD