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After the mindblowing revelation about his 'socks' from his mom, young Sunburst would learn rather quickly that there are certain things you can do in your house that are frowned upon if done in public.

Like 'socked' ponies streaking barehooved through town.



GlimGlam: edit of >>1193667

Sunburst: edit of >>1428480
safe (1485050) artist:cloudyglow (1597) artist:davidsfire (145) edit (106258) editor:slayerbvc (1459) vector edit (1840) starlight glimmer (40317) sunburst (5149) pony (763821) unicorn (226625) colt sunburst (117) female (809903) filly (54261) filly starlight (380) happy (25291) magic (60561) pigtails (3411) shocked (5081) simple background (309625) socks (coat marking) (1405) streaking (81) transparent background (161403) vector (68737) younger (14452)


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