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Artist's comment:

Today I will go on a long journey. I will visit the Galacon, and go to the Bronycon further with my little herd. Almost everything you see except Rarity you can buy if you find us at these conventions :)
4 month of preparation is over, vacation time, hooray! :)
safe1588601 artist:shuxer5975 derpy hooves48451 dj pon-328228 rarity170962 sweetie belle46890 trixie62737 vinyl scratch32323 pegasus244622 pony855835 robot7028 robot pony3147 unicorn271170 bronycon1633 :p7385 absurd resolution64162 amplifier129 clothes414216 craft4105 cute180800 derpabetes2179 diasweetes2616 diatrixes2835 electric guitar865 fainting couch865 female929524 filly59948 galacon384 guitar4395 hat77490 hoodie12464 irl63363 leg warmers2233 letter2918 lying down9634 mailmare1053 mailmare hat165 mailmare uniform41 mare420925 mlem782 open mouth124888 photo71545 prone23500 raribetes4689 sculpture3107 side6460 silly7069 sweetie bot1275 tongue out91874 vinylbetes614


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Background Pony #2FAD
These are the most beautiful sculptures i've ever seen!
Wish i could own one!!