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Artist's comment:

Today I will go on a long journey. I will visit the Galacon, and go to the Bronycon further with my little herd. Almost everything you see except Rarity you can buy if you find us at these conventions :)
4 month of preparation is over, vacation time, hooray! :)
safe1555900 artist:shuxer5975 derpy hooves47923 dj pon-327907 rarity167983 sweetie belle46287 trixie61167 vinyl scratch32003 pegasus232580 pony827083 robot6851 robot pony3062 unicorn257776 bronycon1630 :p7018 absurd resolution63690 amplifier124 clothes401294 craft4007 cute173388 derpabetes2043 diasweetes2400 diatrixes2694 electric guitar843 fainting couch847 female880193 filly58412 galacon354 guitar4298 hat74662 hoodie11912 irl62328 leg warmers2174 letter2871 lying down9214 mailmare1048 mailmare hat160 mailmare uniform33 mare404492 mlem742 open mouth120455 photo70239 prone22904 raribetes4489 sculpture3082 side6351 silly6962 sweetie bot1271 tongue out88590 vinylbetes572


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Background Pony #2FAD
These are the most beautiful sculptures i've ever seen!
Wish i could own one!!