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I Open at the Close

Depends on the board game, really. If someone told me they needed a day of rest and I caught them playing a game that involves a great deal of throwing dice, flipping cards and moving around, I would question as to how that’s restful.
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Red Cedar
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Of course, it might have been less disconcerting had Spike not been playing with the mare who bribed generously invited Spike away two days running.
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Yeah! This is exactly what I thought when I watched the episode! It’s like if someone said they were too tired to run a marathon, and then you got devastated when you found them reading a book. Playing a board game and going out on rounds are not the same flippin’ thing!
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Background Pony #AC33
Here’s the problem with couples.

You wanna hang with your pals, but your partner wants you to herself.
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