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trying to make myself like derpy more
safe (1426694)artist:guidomista (68)artist:miiistaaa (68)artist:nijimillions (68)derpibooru exclusive (20258)derpy hooves (45851)ditzy doo (324)pinkie pie (188755)earth pony (147623)pegasus (187356)pony (694528)blonde (1247)blonde hair (361)blonde mane (118)bubble (3653)cheek squish (534)chest fluff (25664)curly hair (410)curly mane (172)cute (148090)derpabetes (1706)diapinkes (6963)female (758181)floating (2946)food (50957)frog (hoof) (7456)fullbody (149)gray (264)grin (27963)happy (23794)hoof fluff (626)hooves (14667)looking at each other (12511)mare (334167)muffin (5810)open mouth (103910)pink (866)simple background (290190)smiling (182771)squished face (16)squishy cheeks (1776)surprised (6805)trapped (616)underhoof (41179)

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