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The Copperpie Chronicles: Surprise Service (Part 1 of 2)  
Commissioned from RamboN7/MaxHooves.  
Based on >>1984866 and >>1998650.
Part 2 - >>2102246
explicit410305 artist:rambon7302 pinkie pie236635 oc822821 oc:copper plume548 comic:the copperpie chronicles45 comic:the copperpie chronicles - surprise service2 equestria girls230727 2 handfuls of dem hips1562 ass66309 balloonbutt5324 bedroom eyes71117 black bra273 black panties510 black underwear4157 blushing234654 bottomless15487 breasts335850 butt170974 butt grab3355 butt touch6045 canon x oc29999 chair9926 cleavage40271 clothed male nude female1771 clothes549393 comic122374 commission94216 commissioner:imperfectxiii526 converse6526 copperpie466 dialogue78597 female1578794 freckles35691 french maid259 garter belt4764 glasses75918 gloves24712 grope16529 high heels14160 lap dance121 leggings2611 lidded eyes38087 lip bite13509 looking back72343 looking over shoulder4390 maid6901 maid headdress667 male450365 mary janes1194 master1048 miniskirt5330 neckerchief2208 nipples206651 nudity444404 panties56746 panties around legs2611 panties pulled down4419 pants18377 partial nudity24936 ponytail22195 shirt31677 shoes48226 sitting77040 sitting on person1052 skirt47207 skirt lift5124 smiling323374 sneakers5826 stockings41117 straight157160 stripping727 stupid sexy pinkie919 thigh highs47480 thong6881 topless15557 underwear69649 undressing5898


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Background Pony #B1FC
I love that expression on Pinkie’s face on the second panel. She loves the compliment, but trying to stay in character.
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Échale vampiro
This OC is starting to grow on me, mostly because he does what I can just dream to do with my favorite pony from the mane 6.