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Didge; "Uh, we can go somewhere else if you want,"
Luna; "I would love that. Just please get me down, my hindquarters hurt."
Tia (off screen); "C'mon Lulu, this place is BEAUTIFUL!!!"
Luna; "I miss being back on the moon sometimes."
Didge; "I hear ya. Wanna go to Macca's?"

I invited the Princesses over to Australia during their vacation just t explore the iconic Greater Blue Mountains Range. I took them to Anvil Rock, but to be fair, I didn't want to do the abseiling either. I can feel for Luna, so in return for unintentionally dangling her off a cliff like that, I took them to a local McDonald's for lunch for hayburgers.
Celestia on the other hand was all over the place! I heard she even went all the way to Wentworth Falls just to bathe in the waterfall. Luna on the other hoof, was over the mountains, so we let Tia enjoy herself while I took her to a history museum.
(Sequel pictures coming soon)

Luna image taken from the episode Between Dark And Dawn.
Didgeree vector is part of my little collection of vectors of Didge.
Photo was taken by me at Anvil Rock.
Didgeree character and original photograph belong to me
MLP;FiM and Princess Luna belongs to Hasbro
safe1587898 artist:didgereethebrony850 princess luna94268 oc610116 oc:didgeree412 alicorn199876 pegasus247864 pony859773 between dark and dawn1525 australia386 blue mountains62 cliff1045 cutie mark42331 dangling78 didgeree collection35 helmet9655 irl67098 mlp in australia98 photo75224 ponies in real life5054 rope10390 story included8111 unamused14155


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