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Dominion ships warping in

EQD’s ATG #9 – Day 23: Draw a pony experiencing how you discovered FiM for the very first time

Seeing Nightmare Moon in the Ponycraft 2 video sparked my curiosity to see the context for all the clips they used. At first it was just amusing how they were able to find clips that fit well with the Starcraft audio, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized the clips didn’t match my expectation of what My Little Pony was.

Since all of season 1 was on youtube, it was easy to watch and get sucked in to the fandom. The rest is history.


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I like Dashie and Dusty
Twilight:Ahh… shit here we go again.Nightmare Moon the first villian in MLP FIM I ain’t have a wings or magic to defeat her at once but she get ain’t shit for chance
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