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Adan Druego
[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
SA: AHA! I know how to solve this calamity!
FH: How daddy? How?
SA: EXACTLY! I shall employ a modified version of my "Defeat The Baddies Like A Boss!" method. The same exact method I used to defeat Burger King Sombra himself! ONLY DIFFERENT THIS TIME!
FH: …wha-

"Shining proceeds to lift his daughter off the ground. Taking his time, Shining expertly aims. Hey, I think he’s done this before, folks! Once he’s satisfied that the shot will strike the target, Shining launches baby FlurryHeart into the air. And she’s going! And she’s GOING! AND SHE’S GOI- AND SHE’S HIT THE MARK HEAD ON DEAD CENTER BULL’S-EYE! YEAH! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD AS SHINING ARMOR DOES IS HIS VICTORY TROT AND THERE HE GOES HOOF PUMPING! YEAH!"

"I don’t usually defeat the villain, but when I do, I’m sure to only throw those I care about most at them. Whether I’m tossing my new bride off a balcony or I’m hurling my toddler at a MacDonald’s play place structure, I have yet to encounter a situation that couldn’t be solved by throwing a loved one at it." - Shining Armor, Crystal Prince
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Comments22 comments posted