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This is JUST a meme! Whether or not this is true is basically up to fanfiction – but this is still a cool meme! :3
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le grand rêveur

What’s your source for angel?
but otherwise, the show has a very strong link between Fluttershy and discord.
the fact remains that the series still has to confirm this.
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@Background Pony #4AF4
Actually, the only thing it truly, definitely proves is that Angel said Fluttershy wants to marry Discord. Is he right? Is he wrong? Was he just teasing? That is open to interpretation. Look, I’m not hating on that ship here, all I’m saying is Angel said it and that is provable. It’s like… when Twilight Sparkle claimed curses aren’t real, and then we found out Sombra cursed the Crystal Empire, directly contradicting that claim. Or when Trixie said she was the greatest equine who ever lived, when she’s not.
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Background Pony #08CB
Let’s see:

Big Mac have a girlfriend:
who is one of the Equal Four which is a baker, who also was under Starlight Glimmer’s communist dictation.

Discord have a girlfriend:
who is one of the Mane Six, element of Kindness.

Spike have a girlfriend(!!??):
who is one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who isn’t even a pony, but a griffon from Gallus’ hometown.
le grand rêveur
for the teams I take in reference the game "dragon’s crown"

sugarmac fighter and sorceress

discoshy elf and dwarf
(I like however also the couple dislestia. the solution is that discord is discord and it can be duplicated)
celestia amazon
(gabby stay a friend of the sparity couple but she can join the group)
sparity wizard and dark elf (assistant game character)
gabby thief
(if boyfriend would look for you because there I don’t see what’s left)
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Background Pony #5C2E

All I made is a meme! I SAID it’s just a meme! I didn’t ask for a flame war! For the love of the Wizard of Feelings!
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Background Pony #4AF4
You are literally the only one who justifies this scene in order to appease your own headcanons. Angel say it’s canon so it is canon until the show say otherwise. Its as simple as that. Stop embarrassing yourself by blaming others just because you can’t handle this ship getting canon.
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@Background Pony #4AF4
And we don’t live in a world when everything that a character does no matter how insignificant was it’s a prove of canon. the people consider it like a “irrefutable prove” of canon. I know the shippers well, at least the one obsessed, they misinterpret things and even exagerate lookin for an “prove” in a tease or a joke that it’s not more than that, but they want to feel they are not wrong, than they look for every exagerate or dumb interpretation that “justified” what they believe, and they lie to their selves believing its true, give it so many laps, to something that simply it’s a teaste, fan service, but they don’t wanna believe that.
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Background Pony #4AF4
It isn’t a joke until you prove it it was a joke. We don’t live in a world where you can dismiss everything as a joke in order to decide what is canon or not.
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Background Pony #4AF4
You still didn’t provide evidence that Angel is lying. It doesn’t interest me that they are teasing. This doesn’t affect the story. Twilight has wings because Hasbro wanted it, but they were still explained within the story. Now you have Angel stating that Fluttershy literally want to marry Discord. If you’re going to say that’s not true then you may as well say that Luna and Celestia are not real sisters. They just call eachother that but you could say that they are lying and they are not related. If you doubt a canon character then you need to provide a piece of lore that deny that piece of information. Because even if this was real Fluttershy and not Angel bunny, you could still say that she doesn’t want to marry him, that entire episode is just a dream and didn’t happen.
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@Background Pony #4AF4
It’s because you say it yourself. You can just thinking that she loves him but not really. Fluttershy and Discord have a strong bond and friendship. The show is about friendship created by Lauren Faust and is the incarnation of its previous generations, get it. There are no romance between them. It is true. Some Chinese don’t thought the same and every time when you watch that, you get excited as if you never give up. You’re zero evidence. They are only teasing.
Background Pony #4AF4
It doesn’t matter. He is a cahracter that state a piece of lore. You can doubt literally everything, even entire history told by Celestia, because you can just headcanon that she was lying. For as long as you cannot prove Angel wasn’t serious or lied, this is canon fact from now on.
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