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Good Morning!
Have some cuteness from my two pegasus babies. Plus Sun Flare's cutiemark for my use.
Fluttershy X Big Mac — Lilly
Spit Fire X Fire Streak — Sun Flare
Base: www.deviantart.com/dinkydoolov…
safe1587260 artist:wispyaxolotl41 oc611780 oc:lilly59 oc:sun flare9 pegasus244183 pony854849 base used16260 blush sticker2178 blushing177786 cloudsdale1206 eyes closed81158 female915887 male309206 neck nuzzle200 oc x oc13356 offspring34724 parent:big macintosh2699 parent:fluttershy4102 parents:fluttermac1100 parents:spitstreak9 shipping185421 straight122669


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