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-Cozy Glow was taken to the past & became Gemini Mist, courtesy of Daybreak Flare
– Gemini goes to Cloudsdale(Shippai mentions she lives in the clouds)
– Joins the Wonderbolts then backstabs them and kills the captain
– Joins Daybreaks posse remane herself Monochrome Frost
– Meets Cozy Glow and Daybreak throws her threw the time portal
– Repeat.
safe (1429403)artist:tobiisabunny (179)cozy glow (4233)oc (525250)oc:monochrome frost (48)pegasus (188089)pony (698174)color fading (3)cozy glow is best facemaker (166)cozy glow's true goal (46)death of personality (3)death stare (218)emotionless (74)empty eyes (456)eye color change (40)losing sanity (2)monochrome (134471)origin story (79)rebirth (46)remember (23)revenge (663)shell of your former self (1)solo (876094)soulless (14)thekillingjoke (2)transformation (8103)


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