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31 comments posted
Background Pony #FD1D
She comes on her own while Starlight announce the employment interview test.

Don't worry, Starlight is smart enough who is fit for the job.

@Background Pony #4DD4
“It’s not a pyramid scheme.”

Starlight: "…this is a 2D show so therefore it's a Triangle scheme,.. completely different.."
Others: "Oh! Yeah! She's Right! That's OK then. Glad she cleared that up." [etc, etc]
Starlight: [muttering to self] "I swear you rubes can be so dense sometimes!"
Others: "Yeah, Yeah. She's right. Hit the nail right on the uhh.. She's got us worked out!"
Starlight: "…"

(To clarify, I'm not spoiling an episode that isn't this one)

@Background Pony #ED65

Yeah, Starlight absolutely canned Spoiled Rich at the first opportunity.

Just as she deserved.

As for Big Mac, he got canned from getting the Vice-Headmare role too (albeit later), but it was more of a mutually agreed thing, as he knew he wasn't too comfortable with say, going into detail in something like a parent-teacher conference, being the way he generally is, and he left the episode amicably. He's still a great pony.
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@Background Pony #ED65
I honestly have little faith in Spoiled Rich. Filthy can honestly do much better than this.

Also, if she doesn't get divorced or get tossed off the side of a cliff by the time the series ends, I will be very disappointed.
Background Pony #F625
@Background Pony #ED65
The conflict looks like that Trixie expects to get a permanent position because shes Starlight's best friend, but Trixie is horrible at it and Starlight wants to cut her, but is conflicted by it.
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Also, how the hell did they get Spoiled Rich aboard on this? Did Filthy Rich and/or Diamond Tiara tell her to contribute to society for once?
Background Pony #F625
Good to see Glimmy take a proactive move here by apparently evaluating and hiring future teachers.

Mane 6 could take lessons from Starlight on how to plan for the future.
Background Pony #F625
Damn. So close. I wanted an episode where Diamond Tiara interacts with Starlight and adopts her as a big sister.