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Twilight turned Trixie into a siren so they could have some extreme kinkiness. She probably should have read the rest of the spell first, that cautioned that sirens lay eggs that ponies can carry :P
explicit (298626) artist:badumsquish (1790) derpibooru exclusive (22226) trixie (59224) twilight sparkle (271947) alicorn (178981) siren (1935) blushing (164401) bound (1364) cervical penetration (485) coils (844) dolphin penis (13) duo (43458) egg (3238) egg insertion (225) female (824893) futa (39278) futa on female (10021) gritted teeth (9650) impregnation (2259) insertion (13853) internal (3500) intersex (36764) interspecies (19570) lesbian (87206) nudity (312658) open mouth (112736) oviposition (1694) ovipositor (528) penetration (44810) penis (128983) prehensile penis (56) sex (100022) shipping (174159) siren on pony action (12) size difference (11596) species swap (16987) surprised (7381) tentacle penis (301) tentacles (10110) twixie (4704) vaginal (31542) womb penetration (45) x-ray (6007)


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #5EE1
Trixie(the Siren): Trixie think Alicorn Princess Twilight is Perfect for holding Trixie baby!
Twilight: Why You do this?
Trixie(the siren): Our Race use Pony to make our baby woam, and were you think Siren get thier magic? From thier Pony Mommy 2#
Twilight: I dont want it to be mommy of serin!
Trixie(the siren): AND why you think we Force pony in the First place?
Background Pony #9FE5
I kinda want to see a giant siren(hopefully twilight siren) pump eggs in anon
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@Background Pony #E12D
Twiggles perfected her "change pony into siren" spell :D

@Background Pony #60B4
I feel like Twilight's the kind of character who would use crazy magic to spice up sex. Like, nothing about this was forced or non-consensual: she turned Trixie into a siren and they decided to put that massive siren dick to good use. Neither of them realized that thing would lay eggs until the first of them had already been laid :D
Background Pony #69ED
Last time we saw siren trixie she was small enough to be in anon's house here she's as big or bigger than a house. Also hope to see more sirens pictures in the future the dazzlings should had more screen time in sunset's backstage pass