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safe1557647 screencap195423 spike74273 starlight glimmer43074 twilight sparkle280090 alicorn191477 dragon46715 pony828779 unicorn258627 a horse shoe-in1073 bear hug104 best friends598 claws4498 cute173796 eyes closed78638 female881822 floppy ears46019 glimmerbetes3315 happy27152 hug25112 male299658 mare405437 special eyes486 spikelove1126 squishy2079 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113866 twilove7 winged spike7005 wings72458


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41 comments posted
Background Pony #7392
My God. Saw the hug thing in the episode. Too much cuteness.

Starlight pouncing Twilight like Tigger for a hug was the best thing ever this season.
Background Pony #7392
Starlight has learned much from Pinke Pie. xD

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Background Pony #7392
Who'd have thought we'd go from Season 5 premier Starlight to this incredibly adorable scene?

Going from her worst enemy to a close family member. It brings a tear to a glass eye.

Kind of want Firelight to appear and kind of semi adopt Twi as another daughter and treat her the same way. xD
Background Pony #7392
Starlight has a bit of Earth Pony in her. Now we just need the Pegasus part and her alicorn transformation is complete.
Background Pony #7392
Starlight hugging her Marefriend and Spike.

Starlight always looks happiest when she is with Twilight.