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A sequel of sorts to >>2006811. Twilight sits down into a familiar chair without considering her altered proportions.
suggestive (112885)artist:darkeros (5)twilight sparkle (259929)human (130548)absolute cleavage (2289)big breasts (56283)blushing (153518)breasts (203045)busty twilight sparkle (9130)chair (4933)cleavage (27270)clothes (354904)commission (40501)curvy (5115)female (758137)humanized (87956)implied breast expansion (70)implied butt expansion (9)jewelry (38863)large ass (9834)legs (5165)mary janes (1004)miniskirt (3784)necklace (12230)pantyhose (2912)plump (6114)purple eyes (1355)ripped pantyhose (96)shoes (24005)sitting (45994)skirt (31481)solo (874510)solo female (154716)stuck (1911)surprised (6803)sweat (19832)the ass was fat (11017)tight clothing (1852)wardrobe malfunction (3925)

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