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A sequel of sorts to >>2006811. Twilight sits down into a familiar chair without considering her altered proportions.
suggestive129363 artist:darkeros6 twilight sparkle283334 human144115 absolute cleavage2851 big breasts70838 blushing177288 breasts244863 busty twilight sparkle10754 chair6057 cleavage31286 clothes413396 commission54538 curvy5888 female1163168 humanized95099 implied breast expansion105 implied butt expansion15 jewelry52828 large butt13575 legs7205 mary janes1079 miniskirt4761 necklace15769 pantyhose3220 plump6678 purple eyes1786 ripped pantyhose99 shoes30878 sitting55672 skirt36034 solo980217 solo female168694 stuck2305 surprised8173 sweat23358 the ass was fat12716 tight clothing2183 wardrobe malfunction4649


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