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A sequel of sorts to >>2006811. Twilight sits down into a familiar chair without considering her altered proportions.
suggestive126245 artist:darkeros6 twilight sparkle279870 human139992 absolute cleavage2699 big breasts66674 blushing172655 breasts234999 busty twilight sparkle10358 chair5743 cleavage30354 clothes401286 commission49891 curvy5658 female880178 humanized93107 implied breast expansion91 implied butt expansion11 jewelry49109 large ass12259 legs6685 mary janes1079 miniskirt4683 necklace14765 pantyhose3195 plump6586 purple eyes1632 ripped pantyhose99 shoes29015 sitting53829 skirt35029 solo959640 solo female166684 stuck2250 surprised7910 sweat22408 the ass was fat12310 tight clothing2109 wardrobe malfunction4441


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