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Milkbone (Rover's niece) is Forgiveness (Sunset Shimmer's Element) and Fondant Paws (Capper's little brother) is Acceptance (Spike's Element); not to mention Bramble is the Element of Peace.

Dream VA for Milkbone: Stephanie Sheh (Hinata from Bleach)
Dream VA for Fondant Paws: Peter Keleghan (Scaredy Bat from Ruby Gloom)
safe1583298 artist:chiptunebrony131 oc606992 oc:fondant paws1 oc:milkbone1 abyssinian1125 diamond dog3188 abyssinian oc55 accessories849 bandana4808 behaving like a dog1274 capper's brother1 chase791 clothes413423 diamond dog oc237 funny3741 furry4335 happy27959 imminent kissing780 instinct11 looking back50000 peter keleghan1 public enemies1 rover's niece1 running5318 scared9406 scarf20970 school of friendship1113 sibling:capper1 stephanie sheh1 student248 text51841 this will end in pain1752 twilight's castle3344 uncle:rover1 voice actor626


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