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I love Tirek's expression here. LOL Hope you all enjoy this screencap! Here is the three evil amigos planning their evil scheme. ;)

Screencap from the Episode "The Summer Sun Setback". Major spoilers here. All rights of this screencap go to Hasbro. It is not owned by me.
safe1555927 screencap195283 cozy glow5671 lord tirek4651 queen chrysalis31912 centaur2525 changeling39087 changeling queen11214 pegasus232592 pony827109 the summer sun setback1012 adorabolical108 antagonist1322 banner1841 barrel1408 bow23608 bracer348 canterlot4853 cozybetes1012 crown13512 cute173389 evil2530 evil grin3739 female880220 filly58414 flying33743 foal14653 freckles24770 grin32216 hair bow12916 jewelry49119 leaning3064 listening269 male299205 mare404506 night22216 nose piercing2185 nose ring1787 piercing33878 plan40 raised eyebrow6100 regalia15735 scheme4 smiling209966 smirk10664 stairs1458 tail bow4614 tirebetes187 trio7113 wall of tags2245 whispering221


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