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I love Tirek's expression here. LOL Hope you all enjoy this screencap! Here is the three evil amigos planning their evil scheme. ;)

Screencap from the Episode "The Summer Sun Setback". Major spoilers here. All rights of this screencap go to Hasbro. It is not owned by me.
safe1616823 screencap210967 cozy glow6726 lord tirek5139 queen chrysalis33395 centaur3067 changeling43007 changeling queen13866 pegasus257716 pony884630 the summer sun setback1050 adorabolical112 antagonist1443 banner1886 barrel1509 bow25869 bracer423 canterlot5375 cozybetes1169 crown15167 cute186455 evil2697 evil grin4106 female1287046 filly61707 flying35607 foal15114 freckles26235 grin34678 hair bow14175 jewelry55384 leaning3315 listening279 male344220 mare439893 night24274 nose piercing2509 nose ring2025 piercing37029 plan40 raised eyebrow6312 regalia17726 scheme4 smiling224768 smirk11574 stairs1567 tail bow5019 tirebetes228 trio7741 wall of tags2657 whispering243


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