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I love Tirek’s expression here. LOL Hope you all enjoy this screencap! ^^ Here is the three evil amigos planning their evil scheme. ;)

Screencap from the Episode "The Summer Sun Setback". Major spoilers here. All rights of this screencap go to Hasbro. It is not owned by me.
safe (1427685)screencap (174389)cozy glow (4193)lord tirek (3965)queen chrysalis (29299)centaur (1877)changeling (32351)changeling queen (7748)pegasus (187643)pony (695206)the summer sun setback (521)spoiler:s09e17 (521)antagonist (1162)evil (2314)evil grin (3183)female (758829)filly (50424)grin (27989)male (257547)raised eyebrow (5374)scheme (4)smiling (182911)smirk (9236)whispering (193)

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