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Ssshhh, Two ponies are sleeping

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Note: Alright, since I already saw some people adding "Rule 63" and "Aura Winds" tag. No, This isn’t rule 63 of Zephyr Breeze, so please don’t add "Rule 63" and "Aura Winds" tag
safe (1429983)artist:cyanlightning (871)fluttershy (184253)zephyr breeze (1793)pegasus (188279)pony (698735)absurd resolution (61370)brother and sister (2790)colt (11236)colt zephyr breeze (11)cute (148751)duo (39175)ear fluff (17845)eyes closed (68016)female (760720)folded wings (3201)male (258232)mare (335684)one eye closed (20394)prone (20486)siblings (3750)simple background (291055)sisterly love (266)sleeping (19238)smiling (183363).svg available (6769)transparent background (151962)vector (66638)wings (53119)younger (13853)


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