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Someone uploaded my Dirk and Rares comic so I decided to upload this older equivalent.
safe1587745 artist:dimbulb18 applejack160044 ragamuffin (equestria girls)303 rarity170876 equestria girls181981 equestria girls series28776 spring breakdown2344 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11877 ...2247 blonde1977 d:416 female916337 hat77436 lineart19287 male309362 monochrome148202 open mouth124775 ragajack5 shipping185484 straight122711 surprised8171 wide eyes16284


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Background Pony #BE1E
I like this. We need more of Rarity and Applejack dating their dopplegangers.

Also, do we even have a name for the shipping pair of Applejack and Ragamuffin yet? If not, AppleMuffin seems like the extremely obvious choice.
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