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Someone uploaded my Dirk and Rares comic so I decided to upload this older equivalent.
safe (1426754)artist:dimbulb (10)applejack (147568)ragamuffin (equestria girls) (214)rarity (157352)equestria girls (159376)equestria girls series (23731)spring breakdown (1945)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8375)... (1847)blonde (1247)d: (354)female (758210)hat (64574)lineart (14244)male (257258)monochrome (134331)open mouth (103916)ragajack (3)shipping (164111)straight (109240)surprised (6805)wide eyes (14268)


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Background Pony #E326
I like this. We need more of Rarity and Applejack dating their dopplegangers.

Also, do we even have a name for the shipping pair of Applejack and Ragamuffin yet? If not, AppleMuffin seems like the extremely obvious choice.
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