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more jojo ponies. bruno showing narancia around i guess
safe (1396137)artist:guidomista (68)artist:miiistaaa (68)artist:nijimillions (68)accessories (495)amazed (130)anime (3364)bruno buccellati (26)clothes (344725)crossover (51889)earth pony (139099)eyes closed (65287)friends (454)hat (61507)height difference (439)hooves (14141)jjba (18)jojo (25)jojo's bizarre adventure (2127)male (247583)messy hair (640)messy mane (5547)narancia ghirga (13)open mouth (100646)pegasus (178518)pointing (3022)ponified (33411)pony (665018)realistic anatomy (423)realistic horse legs (736)simple background (282424)socks (coat marking) (1147)splotches (34)spots (374)spotted (38)stallion (69243)standing (7651)straight hair (145)straight mane (52)straight tail (5)surprised (6472)talking (3376)transparent background (147991)vento aureo (110)wide eyes (13877)zipper (548)

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