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What happens when you recycle characters? Memes, that’s what happens.
safe1681781 artist:bg-redrum2 edit129771 edited screencap63511 screencap219174 applejack167932 cottonflock17 pinkie pie213897 rainbow dash231261 rarity179611 earth pony239630 pegasus282367 pony943833 unicorn313012 rainbow roadtrip1422 applejack's hat6881 background pony10169 cart1348 cowboy hat15264 dragon ball z2057 dragonball z abridged511 female1340887 food68549 hat84792 male364487 mare468862 master ball30 mouth hold17104 nappa60 not big macintosh24 party cannon1745 peach132 pokéball615 pokémon9022 shiny pokémon98 stallion105522 this will end in pain1911


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(the Master Ball fails to catch Shiny Big Mac)
Pinkie: Aw man, it didn't work!
Twilight: That's because you have to damage it first.
Pinkie: YAY! Let's see if I can get a critical!
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