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safe1659632 artist:evehly839 lyra heartstrings28979 human150323 pony923683 unicorn304408 3 panel comic61 bad pony122 behaving like a cat2093 biting3599 blood23732 comic106121 cute192671 dilated pupils594 female1322477 hand8415 l.u.l.s.155 licking19446 lyrabetes1309 mare458793 motion blur421 offscreen character32609 ponies eating humans365 ponies eating meat956 sniffing777 that escalated quickly148 that pony sure does love hands271 tongue out99272


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That's him, officer
There's nothing quite like a good bait and switch. Lyra indeed looked adorable, but she's gonna be punished

Anon misunderstood what Lyra meant when she said he looked like a snack.

Slow clap

@Mix Heart

An excellent reference. Lyra's stomach was indeed making the rumblies.

@Background Pony #176A

I'm getting the hell outta Dodge!
Beau Skunky
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Is not drunk as a skunk
Awww… What cute wittle pon-AAAAHHHHHH!!! LET GO YOU S.O.B.! GAAAHHH! It's biting me! Let go! LET GO DAMMIT! EEEYAH! Somebody shoot it! Somebody SHOOT IT!
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Don't eat those raw, Lyra, you don't know where they've been. You need to cook them up and eat them.