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safe (1431436)artist:evehly (769)lyra heartstrings (26139)human (130969)pony (700029)unicorn (204223)3 panel comic (18)bad pony (85)behaving like a cat (1586)biting (2812)blood (19691)comic (89850)cute (149067)dilated pupils (528)female (762046)hand (6813)licking (15569)lyrabetes (722)mare (336473)motion blur (341)offscreen character (24227)ponies eating humans (310)ponies eating meat (719)sniffing (597)that escalated quickly (126)that pony sure does love hands (203)tongue out (75980)


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That's him, officer
There’s nothing quite like a good bait and switch. Lyra indeed looked adorable, but she’s gonna be punished

Anon misunderstood what Lyra meant when she said he looked like a snack.

Slow clap

@Mix Heart

An excellent reference. Lyra’s stomach was indeed making the rumblies.

@Background Pony #176A

I’m getting the hell outta Dodge!
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Life is but a dream
Awww… What cute wittle pon-AAAAHHHHHH!!! LET GO YOU S.O.B.! GAAAHHH! It’s biting me! Let go! LET GO DAMMIT! EEEYAH! Somebody shoot it! Somebody SHOOT IT!
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