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A commission for Reznos that I started almost 8 months ago which I’ve only just got around to finishing due to redoing the car, background and face multiple times until I had something of a quality that I was decently happy with as a final product for the client. Thank you for commissioning me once again, and for being a patient and understanding customer!

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safe (1394056)artist:clearvision (42)oc (509434)oc:mint petal (42)oc only (356332)anthro (194578)car (4424)clothes (344042)commission (38745)female (725551)glasses (45337)looking at you (116043)mare (317963)maverick gxt (1)necktie (5093)rocket league (19)signature (14361)solo (856435)suit (4098)unguligrade anthro (36118)unicorn (190604)wallpaper (16315)

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