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"Fan Art"
For EqD's "Artist Training Ground", the prompt of the day was, "Draw a pony in an artist’s style that inspires you (or) Draw a pony fanboying/fangirling." So I did both.
Left-to-right, Round Trip , bobthedalek , TJPones , Dilarus , JayFosgitt , Pony-Berserker , and some crazy pegasus.

All [this] art by yours truly, characters belong to the respective owners in the order mentioned.
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Rice pone
Lol, only took me 9 hours.

Jay Fosgitt was the funnest because I couldn't find any ponified version of himself or a pony OC to do. But I found a photo of him so I tried ponifying him in his own style.

BobtheDalek was really hard because my methods are furthest away on the spectrum from him, and despite the contray to the untrained eye, the head is probably really messed up.
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A Clever Message
@Dark Tail
Same, again. It's really impressive how well he captured both the specific style of lining, colouring, and even shading (at least as far as the hair) work so perfectly.

I really hope he hasn't been stealing any souls to power his dark artistic skills.