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safe1616201 artist:shad0w-galaxy259 princess celestia91195 princess luna95532 starlight glimmer45658 twilight sparkle288371 alicorn206180 pony884000 unicorn285451 alicornified5006 alternate universe9888 canterlot5371 cewestia1724 ethereal mane6987 female1286532 filly61648 galaxy mane1016 high res23367 hoof shoes4547 mare439660 patreon11939 pink-mane celestia2448 princess starlight glimmer54 race swap13416 role reversal1319 royal sisters4061 starlicorn376 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 ultimate twilight416 unicorn luna30 woona4974 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2291 young celestia317 young luna134 younger15975


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2 comments posted
Background Pony #A755
What a beautiful pic.

Twilight and Starlight are sisters?!

See Starlight as an alicorn makes me very happy 😊
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