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natg day 21: pony on a holiday
safe (1426092)artist:underpable (771)princess celestia (83481)princess luna (87868)alicorn (162795)pony (694202)atg 2019 (709)curved horn (4649)female (757833)hat (64538)horn (25883)mare (333979)necc (142)newbie artist training grounds (4445)pain (1264)reeee (189)reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (16)royal sisters (3221)smiling (182683)sunburn (109)sun hat (579)


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Nature nut, Francophone
Being lighter colored,
Celestia logically would have burned first.
Not to mention Luna would have got some MASSIVE rays while on the moon.

I don’t overlook the humor of night poni getting baked like this though.

Somepony throw some vinegar on this gal. ^^
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