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natg day 21: pony on a holiday
safe1585447 artist:underpable832 princess celestia90363 princess luna94269 alicorn197447 pony853050 atg 2019731 curved horn5897 female907380 hat77253 horn44536 mare419489 necc304 newbie artist training grounds5702 pain1677 princess necklestia55 reeee212 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee18 royal sisters3931 smiling217597 sun hat707 sunburn127


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Background Pony #16B6

considering available data based on amount of melanin, this is true. but these are equine demigods, so what do we know?
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Contains GPE propaganda
Being lighter colored,
Celestia logically would have burned first.
Not to mention Luna would have got some MASSIVE rays while on the moon.

I don't overlook the humor of night poni getting baked like this though.

Somepony throw some vinegar on this gal.
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